Learn from a CEO at a DTC Holding Firm About How Potential Buyers View Your Business
The Profit Forecast: The eComm CEO's Podcast
Host:  Ben Tregoe, Bainbridge CEO & Co-Founder
Episode 8: Kelcey Lehrich, CEO at 365 Holdings

The story of 365 is the story of myself and my co-founder Justin. Six years ago, we used an SBA to buy an e-commerce business. Shortly thereafter, I kind of developed the thesis that we have now. Today, we have six brands portfolio of companies that we operate and 85 people on the team.

We want 365 Holdings to be a platform where small brands can have a long life ahead of them. Our vision is to be that best choice for a home for these small long tail niche brands that we think have some durable long-term profitable reason to exist. 

We've got brands ranging from emergency food to cloth diapers to at-home fermentation supplies to hair restoration shampoo and a few other things. When you end up in that niche, there's only so many humans that want to buy what you're selling. There is a non-mass market demand problem to solve. 

There are learnings every time I think anybody is operating in acquisitions in business. Our due diligence checklist grows every time. It's kind of part of the deal but learning for me has been that we will have a portfolio of outcomes that has a wild distribution that is hard to forecast.

We're trying to build a regimen, a methodology, internally to say can we classify things as cash cows or as laggards. If we can build that methodology, can we have the discipline to let that algorithm decide when to sell, where to invest, and then ultimately what to buy next.


  • Product Market Fit
  • Life After the Sale
  • ​Advice You Would Give to a Founder
  • ​Aligning Your Business Ambitions
  • ​Calibrate Your Expectations
  • ​Valuation Expectations
  • ​Anchoring Bias
  • ​Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • ​Common Mistakes That You See Founders Making

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